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Their are certain areas in the house that you want your child to stay away from. Places that possibly contain dangerous items should be hidden by making it childproof. Make your home safe from kitchen to sitting room to bathroom with our child safety accessories.

Safety items

Locks & latches

Keep your cabinets and drawers off limits to little ones. The cabinets doors and drawers are well known for pinching little fingers. Simply install the locks on or inside the cabinet or drawer you want to protect. Installing cabinets locks will keep your food, kitchen knives and cleaning products out of your kid’s reach.

Safety items

Corners & Edges

When your kid starts to walk, he starts to explore the house. Learning to walk means falling and standing up again. This enlarges the chance of bumping a head on the coffee table or the kitchen island. Keep your children from getting bumped and bruised.

Safety items

Plug Protectors

The electrical outlets and the cables need to be childproof to dodge the accidental shocking or tripping on the cord. Keep kids safe by keeping little fingers out of electrical outlets. Take a look at our plug protectors.

Safety items

Doors & Windows

Every kid loves to play with doors. They can swing them open and close them with a playful sound. Keep your kids from getting their fingers trapped in a door or window. Take a look at our finger pinch preventer.


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Safety 1st
Your baby wants to explore! So, you’ll want to keep them safe while discovering their new home. We can help you protect your little one from birth right through to crawling and walking, with home safety tips, prevention ideas for common risks and a full range of safety gear. Get started on childproofing your home.