About Safety 1st

At Safety 1st, our 1st Priority is to provide smart ways to help children discover life safely. We think that, once parents are reassured that their children are safe, the rest is up to them. With a childproofed home, all you have to worry about is wiping up the spills as your little one explores!

Because your child is your priority and because it’s his discoveries that help him grow, at Safety 1st we provide a full range of indoor and outdoor baby gear that supports his development and gives you peace of mind.

Our story

Born from the personal experience and desire of one man, Michael Lerner, to keep children safe, especially during car trips, Safety 1st was created in the USA in 1984. The original “Baby on board” road sign the brand was selling then is still a best seller now.

In the late 80s, Michael Lerner realized child safety at home was a growing concern for parents that wasn’t addressed by the narrow range of products on sale in hardware or toy stores. That’s when he created a comprehensive range of childproofing products, from outlet covers and drawer locks to baby monitors, and a solid range of indoor and outdoor baby gear.

Michael Lerner continuously focused on innovative, quality products, without compromising convenience for parents. Whether improving existing products or working on new ones, developed with the expert he recruited, he was always committed to smart solutions for the home and outdoors. The result is an extensive range of quality products, covering everything from bathing to car safety.

In 2000, the company joined the Dorel Group and continued its expansion throughout Europe. It now sells its ever-richer collection of safe and smart products for children across the world both off and online. It’s a range that covers home safety, home equipment, hygiene and care, strollers and car seats.

Our values

When a newborn arrives, your instinct is to pamper and protect him. You’ll want to wrap him in a protective cocoon with things like a safe, comfortable stroller and lots of soft toys.

After 4 or 6 months, you realize how much your baby has changed. And you’ve changed too: you now want to support him in making his own discoveries and introduce him to the world. He’ll be discovering food besides milk, sitting up, and using a highchair. Your little explorer wants to touch, grab and taste anything new he sees. He’ll crawl, reach out and before long he’ll be walking!

We think it’s our job to help parents focus on helping their child make their own discoveries. That’s why we create simple, smart solutions for your child’s safety and your peace of mind. Our products cover every child development stage from newborns to crawlers and walkers. We’d rather have your children explore the house knowing their little fingers and heads are safe!

Safety 1st experts concentrate on helping parents support their children’s discoveries by regularly introducing innovations that are thought through for them. Throughout the house or out and about, you’ll find our products are smart and convenient for parents on top of being really safe for children. And what’s more, you won’t have to compromise on style and design.

With Safety 1st, you can let children discover life safely!