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Safe night's sleep

Give your baby a safe, peaceful night’s sleep with our nightlights. A dimmed light provides enough brightness to change diapers or feed your baby during the first year. It also ensures that your child stays asleep. And when your child gets older, a night light eases fears of the dark during sleep time.

Automatic Night Lights

The night lights from Safety 1st assure your baby of a gentle night’s sleep. Light sensitive, it goes on as soon as the room gets dark and switches off at daylight. This makes it easy to use. These lights are also economical thanks to its low consumption, it can be used for many hours, enough to monitor baby through long nights in dreamland!

Safety 1st
My Sweet Night Light

The sweet night light.

  • Automatic light for an easy use: Lights up when in the dark, and turns off when the room enlighten, thanks to its light sensor.
  • Soft light to appease baby: Adequate brightness to enable the baby to sleep.
  • No batteries needed/power supply: Lasts up to 20,000 hours.
Safety 1st
Automatic Night Light

Assures baby of a gentle night.

  • Automatic light: when plugged in, it lights up when it gets dark and turns off when light reappears.
  • Economical: Very low energy consumption of 0,4W. No bulb to change thanks to a long-lasting diode Lasts up to 50,000 hours.
  • Modern design: to fit contemporary interiors.

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Safety 1st
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