Keeping more than one child safe

The arrival of a new baby means lots of changes – not just for parents, but for older brothers and sisters too. As a parent, your 1st priority is to keep your kids safe. So how do you handle safety at home for both a baby and a more independent toddler? 

Getting to know the newborn 

Your toddler will be curious about their new brother or sister and will want to get to know them. This is your opportunity to start teaching them about keeping the baby safe. You can explain that: 

  • It’s lovely for the older brother or sister to hold and cuddle the baby – but they mustn’t pick up them up without you or another adult there 

  • Being gentle with the baby is really important. Try giving your older child a doll or soft toy and let them practice being gentle when playing with that  

  • The baby isn’t old enough to play with small toys yet. Your older child must understand they should not give them anything they can swallow 

  • The baby looks cute in their highchair or bouncer, but as it’s so high up so make sure the old child knows not to push it over 

  • They mustn’t put teddy bears or any toys in the baby’s crib. 

Spend time as much time as you can with your toddler when the baby is sleeping. Giving them plenty of attention will help to keep them from feeling left out and make them calmer overall. 

Starting to crawl 

As your newborn develops and becomes able to move around on their own, they’ll start wanting to follow their brother or sister – and this means more home safety challenges for you. 

On the stairs 

Your toddler will want to explore and make their own discoveries: it’s a natural part of their development. And now your newborn has turned into a crawler, they’ll want to copy them. 

If your toddler is aged 3 and over they’ll be able to go up and downstairs on their own, so to keep your little crawler safe you’ll need a stair gate your toddler can’t leave open, then try out the Auto Close stair gate.

Door safety 

You’ll also want to make sure your crawling baby doesn’t slam any doors on their fingers as they follow their toddler sibling around. To keep their little hands safe, fit your doors with the Safety 1st Finger Pinch Preventer and Slam Stopper.

Our 1st priority is keeping your child safe as they discover the world – the rest is up to you ;-) 


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