Night time safety for our growing walker

Toddlers thrive on the independence that comes with walking. But this time of learning and exploration comes with its own special set of challenges, especially at night!

Here are some ideas for keeping your little walker safe after bedtime…

switching from crib to bed Switching from crib to bed

There’s a choice of when you can move baby from crib to bed. Many parents make the move when their child reaches the crib’s height limit, often around 90 cm.

Others switch sooner to free up the crib for a little brother or sister. But whatever your original plans, if your toddler is climbing out of the crib at night – or trying to – you’ll want to stop them falling by switching over to a real bed.

You can make the transition easier by getting your little one involved – perhaps by picking out their own sheets or pillow. You can also make the new bed more familiar and reassuring by installing a bedrail. On top of being a reminder of their crib, bedrails help keep your toddler safe by protecting against falls.

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How to handle night wakings

At this stage of child development, even good sleepers can start waking up three, four or five times a night! The trick is giving them reassurance and comfort – without the wake-ups becoming a habit.  

how to handle night wakings

An extra-long bedtime routine is one way to help your walker get more comfortable in a new bed.

And since waking in the dark, in a new and unfamiliar bed, can be frightening, now is a good time to install a night light. A night light can also help your toddler be a bit more independent, for example, by helping them find a bottle or sippy cup of water left next to their bed at night.

And once they’ve mastered potty training, the extra light can help them make their own way to the bathroom.

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