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Fire safety checklist for tiny tots 

Your child has an instinctive need to touch and play, but how do we balance the freedom to learn and grow with the need to keep baby safe? 

Fire is bright and shiny – that’s why curious toddlers can’t resist it and what makes it so potentially dangerous in terms of burns and house fires. As a parent, your challenge is to encourage your child’s development while also preventing accidents.

Fire safety checklist

There are many ways to make your house safe and keep your little one out of harm’s way. Some are obvious and some are easy to forget, so follow this handy fire checklist to make sure your house is child safe:

  • Keep matches and candles out of reach, ideally in child-proofed cabinets
  • Avoid using the front hobs on the kitchen stove and point all pan handles inwards to prevent eager little hands from grabbing them
  • Check that your fire alarm is working and the batteries aren’t running low
  • Fit a hearth gate to fireplaces or around portable heaters
  • Teach children not to play with matches or lighters
  • Use a baby gate to prevent baby from wandering into the kitchen when you’re cooking or distracted
  • Use a timer when cooking. Making sure you time everything sounds obvious, but it’s easy to be pulled away from the kitchen when your baby’s in a different room and forget what’s still on the hob or in the oven

Talk to them about the risks

Obviously a small child under 5 may not understand why they should or shouldn’t touch something potentially harmful, but they can still be given easy-to-follow instructions. Clear messages could include:

  • Never touch the stove
  • Don’t play near the fireplace
  • Never play with matches or lighters
  • Don’t touch hot surfaces or grab saucepan handles
  • Never reach up and pull things down from countertops

How we can help…

Safety 1st offers a range of highly-adaptable baby gates like the Modular 3 and Modular 5. These are perfect for protecting your baby from the hearth place, but are also ideal for hallways, irregular doorways, landings or kitchens. 

These gates are a multi-purpose child safety solution for your home. They can be easily set up, can be configured to suit your needs and can be adapted for different combinations. They can either be screwed to a wall or positioned freely depending on what’s best for your home.

Learn more about our extra wide baby gates

Our 1st priority is keeping your little one safe as they discover the world – the rest is up to you ;-)

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