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Relax while spending time with relatives or when away for the holidays with our guide to childproofing your home away from home.

Your little one loves meeting new people and visiting with their special relatives, like grandma and granddad, but keeping them safe can be a worry.

Tips for talking about home safety

You don’t want grandparents or relatives to think you’re being impolite when you raise the issue of home safety, nor do you want to scare them.

But you can explain that you want to make sure your child doesn’t damage any of their possessions or get hurt themselves.

And you can say that there are now lots of easy ways to keep children and belongings safe and secure.

Childproofing checklist

Here’s our quick checklist for easy childproofing in someone else’s home.

  • Keep your child secure at night

Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed can be a worry for some little ones, especially if it’s a different size to they’re used to. To help keep your  child from rolling out of bed at night, you could try the Portable Bed  Rail

  • Keep baby safe from stairs

Carrying around a heavy safety gate from your home is hardly practical, but you also don’t want to be worry that your child will fall on the stairs. A Travel Safety Barrier is ideal when you’re away from home. It’s lightweight, portable and easy to install and take down again. 

  • Quick fixes for around the home

We know how complicated packing for your holiday is without having to worry about travel safety items too. To make life easier and help you enjoy your time with baby, we’ve developed a simple Starter Safety Pack

  • Reassurance for your toddler

Nighttime should be a soothing time for baby to feel reassured and safe. One way to make sure your child feels comforted even in an unfamiliar place is with an Automatic Night Light

  • Worry-free mealtimes

Trying to feed your baby when they’re wriggling around in an unsuitable highchair isn’t fun for them or for you. 

A Travel Booster fits securely to a chair while rubber grippers on its bottom keep the seat steady. It’s lightweight and quick to fit.


Our 1st priority is keeping your little one safe as they visit new places – the rest is up to you ;-)

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