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When baby starts exploring the world by himself, it’s the right time to buy him some safety gates. You’ll need them for the top and bottom of stairs, and to stop him from getting himself into other risky places!

Try the Safety1st Baby Gate choice helper or see below what you need to do before you buy your safety gates…

Safety 1st How to choose the right baby gate

1. Measure the width of the opening where the baby gate will go. If it’s a staircase, measure both the top and bottom of the stairs. If it’s a doorway, measure between the walls and the skirting boards for a perfect fit.

2. Choose how you want to fix your gate

Pressure mounted, also called “on-pressure” baby gates fit all doorways and staircases. They are ideal for rentals or occasional use, as you fit the gate without drilling into the walls. These gates are strong and fit well, but you need to have a doorframe or banisters that are strong enough to support the gate.

There are 2 types of pressure fit baby gates:

  • U-Pressure Fit gates have ‘U’-shaped frame and are good for everyday use thanks to a wide walk-through section. You can buy gate extensions so your gate can fit wider spaces.
  • Safety Barriers don’t have a walk-through section. They’re ideal for occasional use – for example, when you’re traveling or when baby is at his grandparents’. They are extendable so don’t need extensions.

Fix to wall gates are recommended for the top of staircases and for long-term use. You need to make holes in the walls and use screws to fit the gate into them. The gates have 2 extendable panels, so you won’t need extensions.

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3. Decide how you want your baby gate to open and close

There are lots of different options available…

Opening options

  • 3-Action opening for the most curious children or to reassure anxious parents when standards require only 2 actions
  • Gates that swing open in both directions
  • Gates you can open with one hand
  • Gates that have a stay-open option when children are away

Closing options

  • Gates that close automatically
  • Slam-shut gates
  • Manual close gates you need to shut yourself

4. Choose your material and finishes

You’ll want your gate to look good and complement your home décor. We offer different finishes to suit all styles, from classic to contemporary.

Materials include:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Net interiors for portable gates

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