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Is your house safe enough?

From day 1, your baby will be learning, developing and exploring. Our room-by-room child safety checklist will help you keep baby safe as they make their discoveries around the home – and give you peace of mind.

  • Newborns sleep a lot, so the nursery and the bedroom are where they’ll spend a lot of their time. Our comfort crib pad keeps baby on his back while a baby monitor lets you hear the slightest stirring.
  • Crawlers and walkers love to explore their bedrooms. Keep them safely in bed with a bedrail and protect little fingers with drawer and cabinet locks.

See safe and healthy habits to help your newborn sleep

kitchen safety Kitchen

The kitchen is where most accidents happen, and while they’re tempting places for little explorers, it’s hard to cook and watch your baby at the same time.

Use a baby gate to keep them out of the area where you’re cooking. You can set up your baby gate to suit the configuration of your kitchen.

Keep things you’d prefer your baby not to play with out of reach, using:

  • socket covers
  • multipurpose locks
  • drawer locks
  • cabinet locks

For more ideas, see Home safety – simple solutions for common risks


Of course you’re never going to leave your baby alone in the tub, but there are other safety aspects to consider:

  • a shower thermometer ensures your baby’s bath is always the perfect temperature.
  • drawer and cabinet locks keep toiletries out of reach
Living room

Fit corner cushions to keep walkers and crawlers safe as they start exploring, and protect little fingers with a door slam stopper. Socket covers and drawer and cabinet locks prevent them exploring where you don’t want them to! 

Stairs and hallways

Young children, especially crawlers, can’t resist climbing the stairs. Keep your baby safe by fitting stair gates top and bottom in complement of educating on how to climb stairs up and down (rearward).

protect baby fingers

Our 1st priority is keeping your baby safe as they explore – the rest is up to you ;-)

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