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Safe and healthy habits to help your newborn sleep

During those first few weeks after the birth, your newborn experiences everything for the first time – so it’s little wonder they tire out quickly!

Your 1st priority, of course, is to create a healthy, happy and safe environment for baby to sleep in. After all, sleeping is what they’ll spend most of their time doing.

Here’s how to get started…

Sleep safety

sleep safetyThe crib or bassinet should be outfitted simply with a fitted sheet – sleep positioners, crib bumpers or loose toys are not recommended. It’s safest to put your baby to sleep on their back on a flat, firm surface to help reduce the risk of SIDS.

Since loose blankets could cover baby’s face, it’s best to skip the comforter. Footed pajamas under a swaddle or wearable blanket are often all you need. You can tell whether the baby is snug enough by touching the back of their neck, which should be warm but not hot.  

You’ll also want to make sure your baby has a safe baby sleep environment when you’re outside the nursery. The flat surface of a carrycot – a bassinet-style stroller – is ideal for newborn safety, when your baby doesn’t have full head control. It also allows you to transition from home to the outdoors without having to wake up baby.

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Setting good sleep habits

good sleep habitsIt’s natural to want to check on your baby, but you also want to encourage uninterrupted sleep. A baby monitor can help you avoid accidental waking by letting you listen for your baby from a distance. With the monitor, it’s good to remember that some babies stir as they move from one sleep cycle to the next. Rather than rushing in at the first noise, try waiting a few minutes to see whether your baby falls asleep again on their own.  

A good nap schedule is also quite important. By keeping a sleep log, you’ll likely notice that your baby naps best if you put them down at a set interval – perhaps an hour or 90 minutes after waking. Again, your monitor can help you keep tabs on baby’s sleep and wake times.

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good sleep habits
good sleep habits

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