Entertaining and stimulating your walker

Your walker is rapidly gaining independence and awakening to more discoveries. Her physical and mental development increase the more she’s on her feet.

In the nursery
A walking child can easily find things for her entertainment. You can  make home an interesting and stimulating place by providing:

in the nursery
  •   games and puzzles
  •   construction toys, e.g. a dollhouse
  •   moving toys, e.g. trains, pull-along dogs  

Now she’s walking, your child will have her hands free. She’ll want to play with everything at once and will bring toys to show you. To stimulate her appetite for discoveries, you can hide and show some of her toys or new ones.

Out and about
Getting out every day for fresh air and exercise is great for you and your baby. Walking develops leg muscles and coordination, and your baby will be getting strongerout and about every day.

Learning to walk independently involves gaining confidence and your child might fall over quite a bit at first! Holding onto something like a stroller as she toddles along will help her feel more secure.  

At home

Once your walker has started, you’ll probably find she wants to be on her feet and exploring all the time.

As she continues to make discoveries walking round the house, a baby walker can help her stay upright. You can help keep her adventures safe by installing corner cushions on furniture edges to help prevent bumps and bruises.

Next steps
Gradually, your walker will learn how to stop and change direction and her movement and coordination will become more assured. And there’s more to look forward to – by the time she’s 2 or 3 she’ll start going onto the next stage of running and jumping! You can enjoy her new mobility in the knowledge that you’ve made her discoveries as safe as possible for her.

For more ideas, see tips

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