Your crawler has lots of new tastes to discover

Eating is a voyage of discovery for your crawler. Now they’re moving on to solid food, they will use all their senses to experience the touch, smell, taste and even sounds of everything you put in front of them.

Some of it will end up in their mouths, a lot of it on the floor – but don’t worry – it’s how they learn!

their first solid foods  Their first solid foods  

  Your child’s meal time routine is changing. They can now sit in a high chair at the table with the family and discover new and    different foods with their fingers or spoon.

  They’ll enjoy making discoveries when eating a variety of foods, such as buttered bread, cooked pasta, pieces of fruit and vegetables,   cheese, meats, cooked egg and desserts. 

Getting ready for meal time

It’s your 1st priority to keep your child safe when eating and securely strapped into their high chair. Your crawler will be happy and calm if they:

  • feel secure
  • are sitting comfortably
  • the tray is adjusted to the right height
To help them focus fully on exploring their food and enjoying the experience of eating, take away any distractions, such as toys or TV.

Mealtimes together
It’s great if you can sit down as a family for your child’s meal time. They will love copying and learning what other family members do. Sometimes it’ll just be the twomealtimes together of you, so enjoy dining à deux.

It’s important to stay with your baby at all times when they’re eating. There’ll be a little coughing and spluttering as they get familiar with new textures. Avoid some foods like nuts and whole grapes. These aren’t suitable for babies because they can cause choking.  

Our high chairs and boosters keep your crawler safe as they discover new foods. The rest is up to you.

See tips for your crawler

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