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Expertise and innovation

Expert in home safety from the early days of our brand, Safety 1st has since then put the emphasis on delivering safe products. From design and development where we regularly register patents for innovative, convenient and safe products, to style and design where we stay in touch with lifestyle trends, our products are there to help parents. Whether it’s home safety or baby gear, our focus is always to keep the complicated part for us, and deliver simple and safe products.

Style on board

Our team of stylists takes care to bring a special touch to our products. Our eye for colors, material and patterns, driven by various style inspirations, enables us to create a new collection every year. We offer contemporary or timeless style to match your needs and lifestyle.

Commitment to quality

We’re always eager to bring products to consumers that help improve their lives. But we think it’s important to commit to quality and take the time to subject our products to the most rigorous tests. This guarantees we deliver only the best for the parents who trust us.    commitment to quality

Our European laboratories drive testing throughout the conception and development of our products, to comply with European, US, and even stricter local standards. Testing continues once production has started guaranteeing constant quality. Whichever Safety 1st product you buy and wherever you buy it, you can be sure of its quality and safety.

dorel europe testing center  Safety 1st benefits from the testing facilities and expertise of the Dorel Europe Testing Center (DETECT), the standards of which go beyond European ones. Yearly over 300 tests were conducted, relating to 1,000 products. For example, safety gates are tested on impact, shaking, and pulling or pushing 1000 to 10,000 times depending on the test.

Testing facilities also include the Dorel Europe Safety Center (DESC), which carries out over 2,000 crash tests every year, ensuring optimum safety for our car seats.  

Our security and quality experts are active in the key regulatory associations across Europe, enabling Dorel and Safety 1st to anticipate change or upgrade of norms and regulations.

Safety 1st is certified ISO 9001 version 2000

dorel europe safety center 


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